Set Design

Creating bespoke set design & set builds from scratch is a true art form and realising the potential of this sort of project requires the aesthetics to work in tandem with a lighting design. At the heart of this process is the ability to be able to tell a better story in a more compelling way. Fortunately we have an on site workshop specialising in wood, glass, metal and plastic and the space to create beautiful texturally rich sets which gifts us an infinite amount of possibilities. All either on location or in our custom built studio complex in North West England.

Teleport Pods

In our story our protagonist teleports to a tiny island, we had to design and build the laboratory and the teleportation pods. The video was a hit success with over 22 million hits on you tube and regular rotation on worldwide tv stations.

On average a medium size set build takes about a week. We build for camera, which means the attention to detail goes into things that will be seen close up by the camera. So much can be done with lighting which is developed along side the set build. Often lighting will be built in and controlled via dimmers and desk for fully automated control.

Miniature Construction

We had to create the effect of a burning building with lighting and smoke in the studio, to achieve the exterior shots of the building on fire we build a scale model and our pyro team torched it. Our artist flew in from California to participate in the shoot.

Sometimes great set design is using an existing room to its fullest potential, sometimes it’s creating everything from scratch with raw materials. We’re experienced at both ends of the spectrum and focused on achieving the textures and look that the project demands.

Barn Build

The first shoot we ever did for Funeral For a Friend called for a barn location. The commissioner we were working with wanted a real life barn for authenticity, we pushed back on this  because we wanted a fully controlled environment to make the film. And with set design and build we could ensure the barn was laid out the best way to tell the story. We still work with this label and commissioner to this day.

Emotive story telling is about having the correct tools and metaphors to convey a message.

Decay Texture Room

For a Bodyrox video a few years ago we wanted to create a stunning room with bay windows and wooden flooring but apply a decay texture throughout the walls and floor. We worked hard over a 3 day period to work into new materials and achieve an aged look.

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