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Sitcom Soldiers Studios is a custom built Video Production Studio in Bolton Manchester. The creative space and video studio facilities include an infinity cove, blackout space, custom set build workshop, set design, catering & full production house. All situated within an iconic Bolton mill, the studio can literally cater for any production. Like what you hear? Get in touch today to talk with one of our senior producers about your next project.

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Custom Set Design

One of our favourite ways to create at Sitcom Soldiers Studios is through set design & build, realising an entire world from scratch is one of the best ways to create video content. We also work all over the world, but our custom built Video Production Studio in Bolton Manchester has never been so convenient.

Video Production Studio in Bolton Manchester

Producing content for video is a balancing act at the best of times. This is where partnering with a studio with experience and a forward thinking approach to production can really take your film to the next level.

Studio Specifications

Studio A
Studio A is a complete blackout space. The floor is mildly reflective for a high end look. Every wall is black with the exception of the infinity cove. The roof has an interesting wood texture. Thanks to the location there is no noise limit so perfect for music videos.
Studio B
Studio B is a dirty studio and set build space. Clients are invited to make a mess in here and construct custom sets from scratch to fit whatever vision is trying to be achieved. Our team of set builders can pre fabricate anything ready for you to walk into the morning of the shoot. Or you can hire the space empty and build whatever you like.
The foyer is a meeting space and comes with any hire of the studio, with large table, chairs, sofas and access to all parts of the studio. Because of the wooden walls and interesting textures it’s a perfect alternative shooting space.
Two sets of toilets (male and female) are available for all shoots.
Green Room
The green room is a makeup and changing area. Clothing rails can be provided and doors from here lead into both Studio A and the Foyer.
There is a functional kitchen on site with Oven, Grill, Hobs, Fridge, Freezer and all the utensils and crockery you’ll ever need.
Camera Hire
Need a camera package? Sitcom Soldiers can facilitate the hire of any camera solution and lenses, including grip kit from Blackmagic cinema cameras, to Alexa Mini, right up to phantom flex 4K super slow motion. Need to shoot underwater? Then that’s no problem either, we can source location and provide underwater housing.
Lighting Hire
Any lighting kit you require can be delivered direct to the studio and picked up after you’re done. If you would like your set to be pre lit when you arrive then we can organise this too.
Colorama and frames are always in stock and we can order any colour with 48 hours notice.
Full on site kitchen is ready to be used by any production, alternatively we can offer a full catering service.
Power Supply
Studio A has 63 amp 3 phase available in the building along with 32amp single phase and various 13 amp sockets.
Heating is supplied as standard via 3 large industrial heaters.
Additional Crew
Sparks, chippies, focus pullers, makeup artists, DOPs, whatever you need we can supply a variety of options for any production.

Video Production Studio in Bolton Manchester

If any of the services are of interest then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our team would love to arrange a time for you to come down to the studio for a tour and a brew to talk about your next project.

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