How long have you been making videos?

Sitcom Soldiers as a creative body has been honing skills together since 2002 and has developed a family style work ethic which transcends the traditional film-set style of working. The best way to experience this is to come down for a brew and talk to us face to face.

I want to have a video made, how do I start the process?

Initially the first port of call is sending over any pre-conceived ideas to along with any audio/visuals you may already have for the project. From there we can arrange a tour of the studio and an informal meeting to get things started before we create a beautiful bespoke treatment laying out our vision for the project.

How do I find a location?

Typically we will include location suggestions in our first pitch outlining our vision for the project. Locations are usually guided by available budget, time and convenience. We travel worldwide to find the right location for the production and if needed we can build a bespoke set in our studio in North West England.


We’re always looking for fresh faces to work with. If you are interested in being considered for projects as an actor/actress please send your details, including head shots and reel to

How long does the post production take?

Editing typically takes 2 weeks from principle photography if no CGI is involved. Faster turnarounds can be arranged if needed.

What services are you able to provide following the production of the video?

Sitcom Soldiers is able to provide a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure that the content produced engages fully with your target audience. This service includes the creation and ongoing management of your social media platforms. Please get in touch for further information about this service.


The best way to evaluate the studio for a project is to come down and chat to our team about your production. We can ensure you walk into a fully stocked and lit set with all sets built and ready for action.


The studio has a full working kitchen with Michelin style chefs to cater to your wildest desires.

How do I get involved in your work experience program?

For a number of years we’ve run a work experience program which has helped young people get their foot in the door in this industry. This is usually started with an onset experience as a runner. We’ve had great success with participants going on to work on great TV shows like “Game of Thrones”, feature films for directors like Tim Burton and for leading brands like JD Sports. For more information about being involved with our work experience program please send an email to or fill out this form.


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