Work Experience Application

If you are interested in on set work experience. Please fill in the below form with short answers and a member of our team will get back to you with a suitability match. Typically we start all new potential employees and candidates wanting experience in video production with a one day placement as a runner. From there will will determine your key skills and interests and advise your best route into the industry.

In the past our applicants have gone on to work in the industry on shows like Game of Thrones, Casualty, Sky TV, with legendary directors such as Tim Burton and for companies like JD, the BBC & ITV. As each individual is different, every person who takes part in the Sitcom Soldiers work experience program is treated as such.

Whether your passion is editing, camera, grip, focus pulling, cooking, grading, DIT, makeup, production or just working in a dynamic fun environment then we can help. Even if you’re not sure about a career in video production often students attend a one day shoot to gain experience in a work environment and this can help tremendously when trying to ascertain what do do with your life.

For more information about how we work please take a look at our FAQ section.

Please try to fill out the below as accurately as possible. We look forward to meeting you.


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